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Q&A For Medicare Season

Erin Lapidus Friday, November 09, 2018

Questions Answered by the Coach


We often receive many helpful questions on Medicare. I wanted to share some in hopes that they will help YOU! 


"How does AARP United Healthcare Medicare Part C plan compare to other available plans?"


UHC MedicareComplete (AARP) is an excellent medicare advantage plan, it has a large network, $2,900 out of pocket maximum and low copays.  Without additional information about your physicians, prescriptions and usage I cannot say if it is the best option for you.



"I am 64 years old and still intend to work until age 67. I turn 65 in June 2019. Open Enrollment for medical is now. I have several options: 1.) Stay with my current employers insurance, and sign up for Medicare Part A. 2.) Switch to my former employer's insurance. I need to do this before I turn 65 if I want to opt in opt in to J&J retiree insurance. Do you have any thoughts on how to elegantly navigate this transition with the best coverage, no gap, and reasonable premiums?" 


My suggestion would be to compare the following:

  1. Premium price of both options
  2. Benefits of both options (I would focus on the services you use most frequently and the maximum out of pocket – which is the most you can spend in one year)
  3. Has your deductible been met? If so, you may not want to start a new deductible over again in the same calendar year.

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