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Medicare Part A: Tips to Help You Navigate 

Erin Lapidus Monday, May 07, 2018


We love when radio show listeners email or call us with questions. Why? Because normally, the question they are asking many others are asking as well. We wanted to share a questions from Steve, as follows: 

Appears my wife will stay on my health insurance until I turn 65. We do not plan on on taking social security until 66. My question is: does my wife need, or should she sign up for, Part A Medicare - Isn't part A free? Could this be used as a supplement to her existing insurance or is it better to just leave well enough alone? Thank You.

So, here is what I advised Steve to do:

Hi Steve,

Thank you for listening and reaching out.

Your wife does not need to enroll in Medicare part A. That is correct, it does not cost anything, however this is only the Hospital portion of the Medicare benefits – it will only potentially help to cover a hospital visit. Your current coverage is primary and would remain that way, even if your wife enrolls in part A. If your wife is admitted to the hospital, your company plan will pay first, if it pays more than 80% of the actuarial value of the claim, medicare will not pay anything.

My suggestion is to leave well enough alone, no reason to enroll yet.


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