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Random Acts of Financial Kindness

Erin Lapidus Friday, January 20, 2023

Acts of kindness, even small ones, can have lasting benefits. You may not always see the impact of your investment of time or money, but your acts of kindness will ripple through the lives of people you know...or don't know. Here are some ideas for practicing financial kindness.

Pay It Forward...or Backward

  • Hand out gift cards in small denominations. Add in an extra one with a note asking that it be paid forward to someone else.
  • Ask the manager of your local grocery store if you can buy pizza to thank employees for their hard work.
  • Give a generous tip along with an encouraging note.
  • Pay for the lunch of someone behind you in line.
  • Buy extra groceries to donate to the food pantry the next time you shop.
  • Recognize someone else's kind act with a note of thanks, public recognition, or a small gift.
Each year, celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17 and World Kindness Day on November 13.

Share Your Time and Talents

  • Hire an intern or volunteer to mentor someone.
  • Share what you've learned about finances with someone who could benefit from your expertise.
  • Write a job recommendation.
  • Offer your professional services for free.

Help Others Prosper

  • Contribute to a scholarship fund in your community to help a student finish school.
  • Donate books on finance to your local school or library.
  • Support a financial literacy program.
  • Help someone save for the future.
  • Set up monthly donations to a favorite charity in someone's honor.
  • Start a fundraiser for a good cause.

Don't Forget to Be Kind to Yourself

  • Attend a financial seminar or webinar to learn how you might improve your financial health.
  • Accept help from others and allow them to experience the joy that comes from being kind.
  • Save for a rainy day.

This article was prepared by Broadridge Advisor Solutions.